Try The Red Pill

Once You Are Ready To Change The Narrative From What’s Important To Them To –> What’s Important To You. You Will  Become A Champion For Yourself And Others. 

-Lewis Scott Lewis


When you see the world through my eyes, you’ll see yourself winning for the rest of your life. -LSL :0).

 You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

Zig Ziglar  | If you’re anything like me, that makes sense. -LSL :0).



Represent Yourself, Your City, And What You Bring To The Table

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I Have Just Given You, What You May Come To Agree Is…


Surrounding And Identifying Yourself With Those Wanting To Support And Promote Your Success With As Much Enthusiasm As They Use To Support Their Own.

It’s Weird How I Get Emotional Whenever I Say That.


All You Have To Do Is Say “Yes” When You’re Out And About. Shop Unfamiliar Businesses® displaying and Show Them Yours.

We Are In Times Of Trouble And Because Money Makes The World Go Around And Marketing Is Everything…

Bringing Prosperity Homewith The Paper Plate Project® Is A Simple Agreement. To Occasionally Shop Unfamiiar Businesses™ Wherever You’re At. 


SIDE EFFECT: You Unite Together To Thrive Together™ with the World while You’re Solving Zig Ziglar’s Famous Riddle at the Exact Same Time For Yourself And Others.


We’ve Got Over 30,000,000 Small Business Owners, in America Alone, Fighting to Get Your Attention…


So, To Solve Zig Ziglar’s Riddle… 


Agreeing to Occasionally Shop Unfamiliar Businesses™ Associated With Is All You Have To Do’ because that one simple action gives over 30,000,000 Business Owners, in America alone, what they want.

It Also Changes The Way The Entire Small Business Industry Can Do Business Outside of the Costly, Completitive, And Increasingly Crowded Marketplace Forever, Regardless of Where You Live In The World, (Within Reason.) 


Plus… Once You’ve Signed Up, The Use of an App or Website is Not Required Though a Handshake and Smile is Highly Recommended.


This ‘Agreement’ Is Between You, Business Owners, And Consumers Around The World. 

Dear Business Owner,



When YOU walk into a business and make a First-Time Purchase



You’re making a Conscious Decision to Help Increase Their Sales, Profits, Repeat Paying Customers, Loyal Raving Fans, And For The First Time, And The Opportunity To Get To Know You. 



Will You Reward Them with an Unadvertised Discount of 10% Off, a Special Surprise, or a Warm Heartfelt ‘Thank You’ As Your Way of Thanking Them for Choosing You?


If you said “Yes”… 


Display Your Personalized Paper Plate™ to let passers-by know…


You Support Them, ONEMOVEMENT®, and Your Local Community. 

Once You Sign Up There’s No App Or Website Required. This Is Reality Baby And It’s Geared Towards Making Business Personal Again.


Community Unity Has Never Paid So Well.™ 


Dear Consumer, (Note: We Are All Consumers)



Are You An Advocate For Your Own Success? Of Course, You Are.


Are You An Advocate For The Success Of Your Community?


If You Said “Yes” to Either Question…


 Follow Steps 1 through 3 below and Represent Yourself, Your City, And What You Bring To The Table


If You Said No…


Do Nothing. That’s How We Can Tell Each Other Apart.


Step 1


It’s Prosperity Worth Spreading®



Step 2


Whenever You Feel Like Winning.



 Step 3

Post Your Successes, Inspirations, And What You Bring To The Table Using The Hashtag #OMANDTHEPPP And Your Favorite Media Platforms.


Take Credit for Giving The People Of The World, An Advanced Business Model™ and Strategy Giving You A ‘Real Say’ In How The Future Unfolds For Us All.


Why? Because We Already Know… 


Life’s Better When YOU Win™


Lewis Scott Lewis Has Been Seen On…

Press and Hold or Right Click The Paper Plate™ > Click Save Image. Congratulations, You’re In The Game!