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The Paper Plate Project® Makes It Simple To Identify And Support Those Wanting To Support And Reward Your Success In Bringing Prosperity Home™ (Your Home Where It Does The Best Good.)

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The Paper Plate Project® 

Tired Of Feeling Helpless? Does The Economy Have You Down? Do You Want A Real Say In How The Future Unfolds For Us All? How Quickly Can You Get Your Hands On A Paper Plate And A Marker?

  • – It’s Simple

    – It’s Powerful

    – It’s Easy to Implement

  • – It Unites Us And Makes Us Stronger Together

  • – It Creates Immediate Rewards for You to Enjoy and Share

  • – It Strengthens Your Local Economy And Is Duplicatable Around The World

    See The Paper Plate – Show Them Yours – Make A Purchase
    Whether You Realize It Or Not, Once You Do That, You’ve Set In Motion A Prosperous New Future For Yourself And The Ones You Care About Most.


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The Paper Plate Project® Was Stumbled Upon After 7 Plus Years Of Behind The Scenes Research And Close To $1 Million In Expenses To Uncover This Ground-Breaking Series Of Solutions...

ONEMOVEMENT® on ONEMOVEMENT.com (OM) Uniting “We The People” With Simple, Engaging, And Profitable Solutions™ Capable Of Solving Seemingly Insurmountable Local and Global Challenges, (Directly Affecting You.)

(ONEMOVEMENT Means Real Business When It Comes To What You Want Out Of Life And How You Want To Represent Yourself.)


The Paper Plate Project® (THE PPP) Was Created By ONEMOVEMENT® Out Of Necessity To Instantly Prove Your Success And The Success Of Small Business Is Essential To Each And Every One Of Us… Without You Sacrificing A Thing!

(Imagine Laying The Groundwork For A New Self-Sustaining Economy™ or Self-Sustaining Infrastructure™ You Have The Ability To Control. Now Be Part Of It.)

Prosperity Worth Spreading®

Law of Reciprocity In Action:

You Giving Local Businesses The Gift Of New Customers, Clients, Patients, And Financial Security Easier, Faster, And More Efficiently Than They Could Ever Do For Themselves Positions You To Profit Alongside Them. Be Sure To Tell a Friend.


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