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The Socio-Economic Challenge of the Century™

“You can have everything you want in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

-Zig Ziglar



Once You Choose To Share The Paper Plate Project® and Shop Unfamiliar Businesses™ associated with, You’ll See Yourself Winning For The Rest Of Your Life!

Today there are over 30,000,000 business owners in The United States of America and most of them don’t have the money, time, or resources it takes to capture your attention in today’s costly and competitive marketplace.


Choosing to Shop Unfamiliar Businesses™ with Means You Are Giving Business Owners Around The World The Gift of New Customers, Clients, Patients, Raving Fans, And Added Financial Security Easier, Faster, and More Efficiently Than They Could Ever Do For Themselves, (Solving Zig Ziglar’s riddle noted above.)  

This ‘One Simple Gesture Made By You’ Literally Turns the Entire Multi-Trillion Dollar-A-Year Advertising, Marketing, and Media Industry Upside Down to Create a More Transparent and Cooperative Model Capable of Generating Billions of Dollars In New Sales and Cash Savings Annually Going Directly Back To You. 



That’s Billions Of Dollars Going Directly Back To You And Our Communities Where It Does The Best Good… And YOU Have Complete Control Over It!




The Paper Plate Project® is a 100% FREE Goodwill Strategy™ Created for ONEMOVEMENT® (OM) members around the world… It Represents PROSPERITY WORTH SPREADING® and it’s a Contant Reminder of What We’re Capapble of Accomplishing Together!

The Purpose of ONEMOVEMENT® on
Uniting Smart People, Like You, to Implement Simple, Engaging, And Profitable Solutions™ Like The Paper Plate Project® Capable of Overcoming Seemingly Insurmountable Local and Global Economic Challenges Without You Having to Sacrifice a Thing!


A New Circle of Life™ 
The moment you share and The Paper Plate Project® is the moment you Change the Worldwide Narrative of Public Influence and Cooperation™ In Your Favor Forever! 

It also Empowers Small Businesses To Grab Your Attention FOR FREE And Pass Their Savings On To You Without Hurting Their Bottom Line!


SHARE ONEMOVEMENT® on (OM) and The Paper Plate Project® (THE PPP). Use the hashtag #OMANDTHEPPP in your direct messages, emails, and posts to let everyone you care about know… There’s A New Game in Town, in Honor of You, 24 hours a day and it’s happening outside your front door!


(The Paper Plate Project® Does Not Rely on a Particular App or Website. No Coupons, No Credit Cards, No Hassles!)


Click the appropriate button below to create your ‘Historic Listing’ and You’re In!


Click on the Paper Plate™ To View Examples of Actual (beta) Listings From Around The World… 

When you see the paper plate™ you know that business supports You, ONEMOVEMENT®, and Your Community.

When you show your association with, (However you want to show it) and make a purchase... You're changing the way the world works in your favor for generations to come... And YOU have complete control over it!

-Lewis S. Lewis
Founder ONEMOVEMENT® on and The Paper Plate Project®