Bringing Prosperity Home™

ONEMOVEMENT® and The Paper Plate Project® Are Going Live In Your City On Jan 01, 2022.


The World, Is In A World Of Hurt, And You Have Complete Control Over It. You Just Don’t Realize How. 

ONEMOVEMENT® was created out of necessity. It’s laying the groundwork for a “Self-Sustaining Economy™” you have the ability to control. It’s More Than A Mathmatical Certainty. It’s A Block-Party 24/7 In Honor of You!

The Future of the World Belongs to You. Click The Button Below To Represent Yourself, Your City, And Receive.™

Everyone has an agenda. What's yours?

– Gaining More Influence…

– More Money

– More Time

– More Freedom

– More Peace

– More Love

– More Harmony

– More Adventure

– All Of The Above?