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Tired of Feeling Helpless? Want A Self-Sustaining Economy™ You Have The Ability To Control? You're One Simple "YES" Away From Doing Just That!

What Is The Paper Plate®?
It’s The Global Symbol and Reality-Game Identifying “Who’s In It To Win It With You, ONEMOVEMENT®, And Your Community!”


Want To Represent Yourself, Your City, And Stand Out In A Global Crowd? 


1- Get Rewarded Whenever You Choose To Shop

2- Save The Small Business Industry

3- Leverage Your Voice United™ With To Implement The Changes In The World You Want To See Without Raising Your Voice Or Stomping Your Feet!

With The Paper Plate Project® …You Win, Small Business Wins, And More Money Stays In Your Community Where It Does The Best Good!

(You Then Get To Decide What We Fix Next!)

Community Unity Has Never Been So Rewarding™



Prosperity Worth Spreading®

You Are One “YES” Away From Enjoying A New World Of Opportunities And Possibilities For Us All… 10X Your Power Of Decision™ By Sharing Today!


Today: From the desk of Lewis Scott Lewis  


Today, I Vote For You! Now Who Wants To Get Paid?

(Everything I’m Sharing With You Today, You Inherently Know To Be True, But Didn’t Realize It Was A Possibility Until Now!)



Before I get started on WHY i BELIEVE you having the ability to turn around the economy, strengthen your community, and expand your bank account for FREE… Is a Good Idea.


I first want to extend my sincere condolences for any losses you, your families, and friends may have suffered during this dreadful COVID-19 pandemic. Please take a moment in silence in honor of those we’ve lost. 


Thank you!


Now, I’d like to talk to you about the elephant in the room. Our economy.


Because today there are hundreds of millions of people, perhaps like you, in your country, my country, and countries all around the world uncertain of their financial futures.


Millions have lost their homes, their careers, and their way of life, and they’re scrambling for new ways to survive. 


So, where does that leave you, me, and us?


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Connecting The World With You®

ONEMOVEMENT and the Paper Plate Project is such a great way for our business to easily let others know we are a local business that supports our local community. When customers see the Paper Plate, they will ask about what it is and what it means. It's a conversation starter. What a great idea!

Because Life’s Better When YOU Win™

Join Your Community Today.