Simple Math

The Paper Plate Project® Is Like E=mc2 But Different.


Both are Backed By Mathematical Certainty, But Instead of Explaining the Cosmos… It Changes The Rules Of The World, In Your Favor, For Good!


 Bringing Prosperity Home™ 

Shop An Unfamiliar Business™ And Share The Consumer’s Guide To A Self-Sustaining Economy™ …You Control. 

It’s | The Ultimate Game of Winning


-It’s Personal 

-It’s Authentic 

-It’s Laying The Groundwork For A Self-Sustaining Economy, You Control


This Recession Proof Formula™ is Simple Math.


Search the Number of Adults in Your City x .045 x $33.00 to Fill in the Blank Below.


The Paper Plate Project® Alone Puts You On Track To Generate $    ,    ,    ,   .   Each Month In New Local Sales Minus Cash Savings Going Directly Back To You And The Communities They Serve Where It Does the Best Good!


Adjust Those Numbers As You Like…

(This formula represents less than 5 out of every 100 adults in your city participating x $33.00, which is the average monthly investment in yourself and local businesses in the form of a purchase. Some will do more and some will do less and it doesn’t have to be the same people. Either Way, You’ve Won, And We All Know, Life’s Better When YOU Win!)


In Greater San Diego, CA this first step results in over $4,000,000.00 each Month, $48,000,000.00 a Year and Well Over $3,716,840,013.00 a Year In New Local Sales That Wouldn’t Have Occured Otherwise Throughout The United States of America.


Include Our Friends Results Around The World, In Their Hometowns, And The Results Grow Exponentially.


What Are You Going To Do With This New Found Leverage and Influence?


Depression Proof America and the Free World™, Of Course, And Implement Even More, Simple, Engaging, And Profitable Solutions™ As You, Leverage Your Voice United™ …Without Having To Sacrifice A Thing! 

It’s Okay To Smile. Your World Is About To Take On An Entirely New Shade Of Awesome!