Simple Math

The Government Can’t Fix the Economy, They Never Could!

Whether you’re in business for yourself or you’re working a 9 to 5, we’re all in this together and only together can we all prosper. So, Today I Vote For Us™ are you with me?
-Lewis Scott Lewis

The Paper Plate Project® is like E=mc2 but different.


Both Are Backed By Mathematical Certainty But Instead Of Explaining The Cosmos… The Paper Plate Project® Changes The Rules Of The World, For You, Forever.


This Recession Proof Formula™ And Your Ability To Make Impactful Decisions Has Been Hidden From Us In Plain Sight.


Want Numbers™? You’ve Got ’em…


Search the Number of Adults in Your City 18 And Over x .045 x $33.00 to Fill in the Blank Below.


The Paper Plate Project® Alone Puts You On Track To Generate
$    ,    ,    ,   . _
Each Month In New Local Sales And Cash Savings Going Directly Back To You, Local Businesses, And The Communities They Serve Where It Does the Best Good.


In Greater San Diego, CA the formula above results in over $4,017,354.00 each month, $48,205,121.00 every year, and well over $3,716,840,013.00 Annually In New Local Sales And Cash Savings Throughout The United States of America Alone.


Include Your Participation in Your Hometown, The Participation of Our Friend’s Around The World In Their Hometowns, And These Results Grow Exponentially.


Adjust Those Numbers As You Like…

(This formula represents less than 5 out of every 100 adults in your city participating x $33.00, which is the average monthly investment in yourself and local businesses in the form of a purchase. Example: Lunch, Haircut, Flowers, Spontaneous Gifts, etc… Anything you’d typically purchase at a Nationwide Chain you’re already aware of.)


ONEMOVEMENT® Doesn’t Get A Dime Of This!

(Limited Time Only)

Take Credit for Giving Local Business Owners At Home And Around The World The Gift of New Paying Customers, Clients, Patients, and Added Financial Security, Easier, Faster and More Efficiently than they could ever do for themselves.


For That Alone, You Will Be Rewarded For A Lifetime!