The Consumer’s Guide To A Self-Sustaining Economy™

Welcome to… A New World Of Possibilities, Opportunities, And Rewards™ made possible by you.

The Secret To Succeding Together, Focus on ONE SUCCESS AT A TIME™ (At Least In The Very Beginning…)

 You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

Zig Ziglar 

If You Agree with Zig’s Famous Riddle, Read On. If You Don’t, We May Not Be A Good Fit.

Over 30,000,000 Business Owners, in America alone, are fighting to get your attention. 


Over 219,000,000 Adult Consumers Live in America.


To Solve Zig’s Famous Riddle (above)… Business Owners and Consumers are Who You Help and this is How You Help Them… 





The Following ‘Agreement’ Is Between You, Business Owners, And Consumers Around The World. (That’s Pretty Much Everyone On This Planet That Likes Winning, Within Reason.)


Dear Business Owner,


When members walk into your business and make a First-Time Purchase…



They’re doing it to Help Increase Your Sales, Profits, Repeat Paying Customers, Loyal Raving Fans, And Get To Know You. 



Will You Reward Them with an Unadvertised Discount of 10% Off, a Special Surprise, or a Warm Heartfelt ‘Thank You’ As Your Way of Thanking Them for Choosing You?



If you said “Yes”… 



Create Your ‘Heroic Listing’ and Display Your Personalized Paper Plate™ to let passers-by know…



You Support Them, ONEMOVEMENT®, and Your Local Community.


Dear Consumer, (Note: We’re All Consumers)


Shop an Unfamiliar Business™ and Share

 Take Credit For Bringing Prosperity Home™. It Feels Good To Be Appreciated.

– Get Rewarded Whenever You Choose To Shop

– Have A ‘Real Say’ In How The Future Unfolds For Us All 





 Click Here To Create Your ‘Heroic Listing’ Today!



When Publicly Displayed, Represents Community Unity and Support For One Another™ 



It’s Also, A Constant Reminder Of What We’re Capable Of Accomplishing Together.



With One Simple Agreement™ We Are On Track To Generate Billions of Dollars Annually In New Local Sales And Cash Savings Going Directly Back To You, Local Business Owners, And The Communities They Serve Where It Does The Best Good …And Without You Having To Sacrifice A Thing.


So, What Are You Waiting For?


It’s Like A Party In The Streets, In Honor of You, 24 Hours A Day!


We already know, For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $68 stays in the local economy, compared to only $43 when spent at a chain store.
(Source: Civic Economic Study)



 Want Numbers? Click Here.


 The Silent Killer of Small Business and Community


 For better or for worse, over the past 3 decades, The Muli-Trillion-Dollar Advertising, Marketing, and Media Industry has gained a tremendous amount of influence, (At ONEMOVEMENT® we choose better.)


It’s a Fact, Iconic Media Platforms, Search Platforms, and other ‘Powers that Be’ Have Been Caught Censoring and/or Withholding Fact Based Information To Manipulate The Public In Ways That Further Their Agendas.


This is where You,, and The Paper Plate Project® come into play, beyond the reach of their constructs.


Leverage… Your Voice. Your Message. Your World.® Together with ONEMOVEMENT® And You’re Changing The Narrative from What’s Important to Them, to What’s Important to You.


We Live in a World Dominated by Media and Marketing… Winnerpreneurs, Like You, Are the One’s that Keep Life Real. 


New Update For March 2023 


The IQ Test (OMIQT)


Are You An Advocate For Yourself? Of Course, You Are.


Do You Think Your Community Will Benefit From Your Success And Participation?


If You Said Yes…


 Follow Steps 1 through 3 below and Represent Yourself, Your City, And What You Bring To The Table

If You Said No… 


Do Nothing. That’s How We Identify, Who’s In It To Win It Together, Silly.


Step 1

Claim Your ‘Heroic Listing’ for FREE and Share


Step 2

displaying Whenever You Feel Like Winning.



 Step 3

Post Your Successes, New Ideas, Inspirations, And What You Bring To The Table Using The Hashtag #OMANDTHEPPP And Your Favorite Media Platforms. 

 (These 3 Steps Change The Rules Of The World, For You. It Works, Because You Say So And That’s Backed With Mathematical Certainty.)



Take Credit for Giving Small Business Owners at Home and Around the World… 


The Gift of… 


New Paying Customers and Added Financial Security Easier, Faster, And More Efficiently Than They Could Ever Do for Themselves. 


That’s When The Law Of Reciprocity Kicks In… 


I Ask You… When Is Now The Time To Get Rewarded Like A Boss™ for Bringing Prosperity Home™ as A New World Hero™ and Winnerpreneur®? 


You may be saying to yourself… It seems so simple, if this is real, why hasn’t it been done before? Great Question! I’ve come to the realization that once you have a viable solution to a problem and the means to implement it, attempting to understand the motives behind someone else not taking action, can be looked into at a later date.  


Sure I want this, but who else will want this besides me? Truth is, once you’ve read this page and shared it, you’ll soon begin to see who wants to Unite Together to Thrive Together™ and so will they.


My question to you is… Why on earth would want to pass on the opportunity to be a leader in what may very well become known as, ‘The most influential economic and humanitarian movement in the history of this planet created specifically to serve you.’ I mean, why miss the boat when you want to be onboard?


You could also be wondering… Why do we claim so many Trademarks? Here’s one reason… Each Trademark represents a milestone ONEMOVEMENT® is looking to continuously acheive throughout our wonderful journey together. When you spot one, investigate to see how we’re making it so.


Welcome to… A Bold New Adventure in Winning™


 Click Here To Create Your ‘Heroic Listing’ And You’re In!


 ONEMOVEMENT® Doesn’t Get A Dime From This.

Your Prosperity Games

 Leverage Your Voice United™ with ONEMOVEMENT® To Implement Simple, Engaging, and Profitable Solutions™ So You Can Enjoy More…











Think about this…

If Money Makes The World Go Around, (It does.) And Marketing is Everything, (It is.) With ONEMOVEMENT® You Will Have A ‘Real Say’ In How The Future Unfolds For Us All And For Reasons That May Only Matter to You.

Lewis S. Lewis has been seen in…

We’re Also Introducing ‘An Open Ended Book’ Based On The Future. The One You’re Writing As Of Now…


The Consumer’s Guide To A Self-Sustaining Economy

…You Can Control (Bringing Prosperity Home™) 

by Lewis Scott Lewis

Creator of: ONEMOVEMENT®, The Paper Plate Project®, Socio-Economic 101™, Your Prosperity Games™, and Incontestable Solutions™ Giving You A ‘Real Say’ In How The Future Unfolds For Us All…

Warm Regards,


Lewis S. Lewis

#1 Best Selling Author -The Art and Science of Success
Founder and Director ONE
MOVEMENT® on and Your Prosperity Games

P.S. Once you surround yourself with people wanting to support and promote your success with the same amount of enthusiasm as they use to support their own, You’ve Won!

P.S.S. Make this agreement with your neighbors, your city, your world. And you’ve changed the rules of the world forever. Now that’s what I call teamwork. Bringing Prosperity Home

Dr. David Gruder shares his unique understanding of and The Paper Plate Project®… He just laid out his opinion on me and my cell phone like that. Thank you Dr. Gruder. The 12-award-winning bestselling thought leader in Integrated Wellbeing.