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The Consumer’s Guide To A Self-Sustaining Economy You Can Control…

By Lewis Scott Lewis And His Future Co-Author May Be You, If You’ll Have It.




Discover why this simple solution changes the rules of the world for You, Local Businesses, And The Communities They Serve… 

Think An Advanced Business Strategyfor The Public or A Plan “B” If You WIll, For When Their Ideas Don’t Work.


This Has Been Over 13 Years In The Making. And Now I’m Giving It To You… That’s Always Been The Plan. 



This Video Was From Me To You, Pre-Pandemic. I Think It’s Goofy.

 Imagine into the future starting today…

 You, Having A ‘Real Say’ In How The Future Unfolds For Us All. As Quietly Or As Publicly As You Like.


How’s A Party In The Streets, In Honor Of You, 24 Hours A Day… Sound To You? It’s Happening Outside Your Front Door… The Moment You Say So. It’s On.


Whether you’re a Consumer, Business Owner, CEO… Let’s Talk About Creating a Better Tomorrow Today™ Together With ONEMOVEMENT™ on


Check in Check Out It’s Entirely Up To You. No App, No Website Necessary. Which Will Come In Handy Once/If/When A.I. Takes Over… You’ll Be An Expert At Building Awesome New Relationships Off The Grid. 


Prior to Advent of ONEMOVEMENT® and The Paper Plate Project®…


We The People Of The World Have Never Been Given A Concrete, Actionable Solution We Can Implement, Positioning Us To Solve Local And Global Challenges Directly Affecting You And People Everywhere You Point. 


I’m Just Saying. Now You’ll Be Able To See Yourself Winning For The Rest Of Your Life And You Get To Participate In The How. You Already Have The Why.


 (Yes, there are many reasons for this and none of them matter. What matters is you do unto others and win.) 

Zig’s Famous Riddle…


 You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

-Zig Ziglar

 Do you agree with Zig’s Riddle?


ONEMOVEMENT’S Solution To Zig’s Riddle Isn’t Just About Giving You A Path To Everything You Want In Life… It’s Also About Changing The Rules Of The World, For You, Together.


Read Zig’s Riddle Again, Because Your’e Getting To Decide What Gets Fixed Next. If You Want To.


Here’s The Solution To Zig’s Riddle… +


In America Alone, There are over 30,001,023 Business
Owners Wanting Your Attention and 209,128,094 Adult Consumers Wanting Whatever It Is We Want… 



That’s Who You Help And This Is How You Help Them… 


Step 1: Share and The Consumer’s Guide To A Self-Sustaining Economy™ You Can Control.


(You’re Sharing This Secret)


Step 2: SHOP AN UNFAMILIAR BUSINESS Displaying Whenever You Feel Like Winning.


Once You’ve Done That… You’ve Laid The Groundwork For A Self-Sustaining Economy™ You Can Control. And It Doesn’t Get Any Simpler That That. Crazy Simple Right?


It May Be Hard To Believe, Anything Worthwhile, Could Be This Simple… Or Happen Overnight. That’s Why This Is Backed By Your Desires And Mathematical Certainty…


See Yourself Winning For The Rest Of Your Life. 


The Socio-Economic Solution of the Century™ 
is One Simple Agreement™…


This Agreement, Is Between You, Business Owners, And Consumers Around The World. It May Cost Nothing But It Means Everything.





Dear Business Owner,


When members walk into your business and make a First-Time Purchase


They’re doing it to Help Increase Your Sales, Profits, Repeat Paying Customers, Loyal Raving Fans, And Get To Know You.


Will You Reward Them with an Unadvertised Discount of 10% Off, a Special Surprise, or a Warm Heartfelt ‘Thank You’ As Your Way of Thanking Them for Choosing You?


If you said “Yes”…


Display Your Personalized Paper Plate™ to let passers-by know…


You Support Them, ONEMOVEMENT®, and Your Local Community, Because… Life’s Better When YOU Win™



 Displaying your association with is a demonstration of Community Unity and Support for One Another™. 


When Displayed, It Serves As A Constant Reminder Of What We’re Capable Of Accomplishing Together.


Dear Consumer, This Is Your Movement. 
(Note: We are all consumers.)

See The Paper Plate

 Show Them Yours (However you want to show it!) And Make A Purchase…

 Share Your Ideas, Positive Experiences, and Successes Using The Hashtag #OMANDTHEPPP And Your Favorite Media Platforms.  


The Paper Plate Project® Opens the door to


A New World Of Possibilities, Opportunities, And Rewards™ The World Has Never Been Privy To.


Be Yourself And Add A Little Excitement Into Your Life With… This Bold New Adventure in Winning




When you surround yourself with people wanting to support and promote your success with the same amount of enthusiasm as they use to support their own, you’ve won.

-Lewis Scott Lewis


Leverage Your Voice United™ with ONEMOVEMENT® 


– Implement Simple, Engaging, And Profitable Solutions™ Improving Your Life Both Personally And Professionally 


Have a ‘Real Say’ in How The Future Unfolds For Us All



It’s That Simple! 



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Whenever You Feel Like Winning.



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