Both life and relationships can be challenging and it is easy to feel confused or hopeless as to how to make things better. You may be struggling with individual issues, such as anxiety or depression. Or possibly you dealing with relationship troubles, longing for love, and instead feeling disconnected, alone, and hurt. I have invested in mastering well-researched, scientifically-proven approaches to individual and couples counseling that will help you get back on track quickly! You can contact me at 805-975-8399 or visit my website at Individuals: Arroyo Grande Counseling can help you find your way again! It can re-orient you to life, and relieve anxiety, depression, and stress. It can help you to regain self-confidence and peace of mind. Couples: With a well-researched, scientifically-proven approach to couples counseling, you can understand what has kept your relationship stuck, find new ways to communicate, and rebuild trust, connection, and intimacy.