Do you have lower back pain? You’re not alone. Lower back pain is a common problem, and it can stop you in your tracks. It can make it hard to lift your kids, bend over to tie your shoes, or drive to work. Most movements and actions you do start from your back. If there is anything wrong with your lower back or if you have low back pain, then your back is not able to properly stabilize, making it difficult for you to do even simple things like these. Your lower back is made up of a mixed bag of structures including bones, nerves, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. An injury can affect any or all of these structures. While some injuries happen because of a fall or accident (like a car accident), may result from chronic stress or repeated movements (like sitting at a desk all day). Take control of your life back by getting relief from your lower back pain. You can call Cedar Chiropractic & Physiotherapy and contact any of our North Burnaby chiropractors or physiotherapists in Burnaby!