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With The Ultimate Game of Winning™ Your World Is About To Take On An Entirely New Shade Of Awesome!




UPDATE: Share and Post Your Successes Using The Hashtag #OMANDTHEPPP and Your Favorite Media Platform.


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If You Believe Your Success in Life is Important to at Least You. It’s Important You Pay Close Attention To The Following Message… Because This 100% FREE Solution Directly Affects You!


Dear Business Owner, 

You want to Increase Your Sales, Profits, Repeat Paying Customers, and Loyal Raving Fans, Right?


When members walk into your business to make a first-time purchase… Will you give them an Unadvertised Discount of 10% off or a Special Surprise as your way of saying “Thank you” for choosing you?


If you said “Yes” display your personalized Paper Plateto let passers-by know You Support Them, ONEMOVEMENT®, and Your Local Community. It’s That Simple!


When Business Owners display their association with it’s a demonstration of Community Unity and Support for One Another™ and It Serves as A Constant Reminder of What We’re Capable of Accomplishing Together.


It Also Brings Everyone To This Page So We’re All On The Same Sheet Of Music!



  Whether you’re in business for yourself or you’re working a 9 to 5, we are all in this together… So, let’s act like it, and pass the paper plate.
-Lewis S. Lewis






Dear Consumer, 

Whether we want to admit it or not, as much as we love our media, it treats us all like Sheeple and once you agree to occasionally SHOP AN UNFAMILIAR BUSINESS™ and Share, you will have changed this narrative forever.


– See The Paper Plate™ 

Show Them Yours And Make A Purchase

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Once you make the decision to Occasionally SHOP AN UNFAMILIAR BUSINESS™ and SHARE We will never be treated like Sheeple again! Unless you want to be.


Once the word is out about ONEMOVEMENT®, The Action Plan Switches to SHOP AN UNFAMILIAR BUSINESS DISPLAYING Whenever You Feel Like Winning.


You Now Know How To Change the Rules of the World, even if you don’t fully understand how this is possible, yet! 


A few reasons why


You are Increasing Your Influence in the Marketplace and AssumingMindblowingControl of the MultiTrillionDollar Year Advertising, Marketing, And Media Industry, even if you didn’t know you were an actual part of it, until now! 


Yes… I’m talking about, The Same Multi-Trillion-Dollar Industry that’s been Occupying Space in Your Head (for better or for worse) Suggesting What You Should Think, Where You Should Shop, and How You Should Act Since the Day You Were Born.


And We Still Love It Right? I Know I Do And Now That You Are Becoming Aware of What This Industry is About To Do For You, You’re Going To Love It Even More!





You Can Have Everything You Want In Life If You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want.

-Zig Ziglar 










Over 30,000,000 Business Owners (In America Alone) Want Your Attention!

With ONEMOVEMENT’s first pilot program, The Paper Plate Project®, You Are Giving Small Business Owners And You “An Economic Plan Bdubbed, The Socio-Economic Solution of the Century™ which has been created out of Necessity to Specifically Serve You.


We begin by giving small business owners, The Gift Of New Paying Customers, Clients, Patients, Raving Fans Like You, And Added Financial Security Easier, Faster, And More Efficiently Than Anyone Could Ever Do For Themselves. 



(Short Answer.) Because Money Makes The World Go Around And Marketing Is Everything, This Makes You A New World Hero.



HOW SHARING The Paper Plate Project® a.k.a. The Ultimate Game of Winning™ DIRECTLY BENEFITS YOU…


You Are Surrounding Yourself With Real People Actively Looking To Support And Promote Your Success With The Same Amount Of Enthusiasm As They Use To Support Their Own And You Can Spot Them From Across The Street.



(Short Answer.) See Yourself Winning For The Rest Of Your Life!



Recently, Iconic News And Social Media Platforms Have Been Caught Censoring Legitimate Fact Based Information to Further Their Own Agendas…


Here’s Your New Reality… If You Choose To Accept It. The Power of the Advertising, Marketing, and Media Industry has been growing rapidly over the past few decades… And today it’s carrying far more influence than it ever had in the past… Influence That Now Belongs To You.



The Multi-Trillion-Dollar Advertising, Marketing, And Media Industry, as it stands today, ‘Is The Silent Killer of Small Businesses, Community, and (at times) Rational Thinking’ and It’s Possible, They Don’t Even Know It. 

…The Good News Is, That Means There’s A Big Upside To This Story, And You And I Know How To Fix It Together.



Shop an Unfamiliar Business™, share, and See Yourself Winning For The Rest of Your Life. 



Look, Can you get 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 to equal 10? …Did you notice you’ve never noticed you could do that before?



If you just did the math in your head, that means you didn’t know it, and there’s a simple explanation for that. 



Nobody has ever told you, you could, and you never asked the question yourself. Now you know it forever and you know it because I just shared it with you.



ONEMOVEMENT’s like that, only instead of adding to 10, you’re turning around your economy, strengthening your community, and ideally expanding your bank account with the same amount of mathematical certainty as adding to 10, (for those that like doing the math.)



I like adding in my own emotions and I’m pretty sure you’ll find yourself doing the same.



There you have it! You Now Hold The Power to Change The Fate of Over 30,000,000 Business Owners and CEOs (In America Alone) as well as Billions of Consumers Around the World Like Yourself! 



What Are You Going To Do With This New Found Influence? Depression Proof America and the Free World™, Of Course.


ONEMOVEMENT® is hosting…


A Party In The Streets™, In Honor of You, 24 Hours a Day. And It’s Happening Outside Your Front Door! 


And All You Have To Do To Participate Is Say, “Yes.”



Click Here To Say “Yes!” And Set An Excellent Example For The Much Of The World To Follow. 


Your Participation, wherever you are in the world, is Proof Positive We Can Unite and Positively Impact The World By Doing What’s Best For You… Bringing Prosperity Home™ To Your Home Where It Does The Best Good. Plus, it gives us a Great Reason to Celebrate Each Other, 24 Hours a Day!



Without Raising Your Voice, Stomping Your Feet, Or Asking For Anyone’s Permission But Your Own!








Position Yourself to Leverage Your Voice Unitedwith ONEMOVEMENT® to Implement, Even More, Simple, Engaging, and Profitable Solutions™, Like The Paper Plate Project® does FOR YOUR ECONOMY, Addressing Seemingly Insurmountable Local and Global Challenges Directly Affecting You, As You See Fit. 



One could say, ONEMOVEMENT® on is about Fixing S**** That Matters™. More Specifically… “Stuff” That Matters To You. And Coming Together with Creative Cooperative Capitalism™ Just Makes Sense.



I realize this may sound like a Big Bodacious Claim especially in a world often filled with hype and disappointment. And I know it’s difficult, if not impossible, to imagine A Self-Sustaining Economy™ you have the ability to control.



Why? Because a Step-By-Step Actionable Solution to Achieving this Has Never Existed or Been Given to You Until Now.



That’s the reason for this personal message. I want to assure you ONEMOVEMENT® on and The Paper Plate Project® is A Simple, Concrete Actionable Solution to a Complex Economic Problem that Only Goes Against what Most People have been Conditioned to Believe. Now, all you have to do is “Say Yes!”



Proof of You Bringing Prosperity Home

This Recession Proof Formula™ is Simple Math That’s Been Hidden From You and It Will Evolve Based On Your Contributions, Ideas, and Actions, From This Moment Forward!


Search the Number of Adults in Your City  x  .045  x  $33.00 to Fill in the Blank Below.



The Paper Plate Project® Alone Puts You On Track To Generate $   ,   ,   .   Each Month In New Local Sales Minus Cash Savings Which Goes Directly Back To You And The Communities They Serve Where It Does the Best Good!



Adjust Those Numbers As You Like…

(This formula represents less than 5 out of every 100 adults in your city participating  x  $33.00, is the average monthly investment in yourself and local businesses in the form of a purchase. Some will do more and some will do less and it doesn’t have to be the same people. Either Way You’ve Won And Life’s Better When YOU Win™. Happy Holidays!) 


In Greater San Diego, CA this first step alone equates to over $48,000,000.00 a Year and Well Over $1,000,000,000.00 a Year In New Local Sales Alone, Throughout The United States of America. 


Include our friend’s efforts around the world in their hometowns and these results grow Exponentially.


Heads Up! This is only the beginning of what we’re capable of accomplishing together.


If you were wondering… ONEMOVEMENT® Doesn’t Get A Dime of This! 


For me, this is about identifying like-minded people like you and building lifelong mutually beneficial relationships. 


If you’d like to purchase some ONEMOVEMENT® merch, (coming soon) you will receive a warm heartfelt thank you. 


To make this an Immediate Reality for Yourself and Those You Care About Most… Simply Agree to Occasionally SHOP AN UNFAMILIAR BUSINESS™ and Share



Or don’t and continue to Run the Risk that the Choices You’re Making in Life may be being limited to what the media platforms you frequent want to show you. (Whether you want to believe it or not!)




You Now Hold The Power To Give Businesses Owners Around The World The Ability To Do Business Outside of the Costly, Competitive, and Increasingly Crowded Marketplace Forever with ONEMOVEMENT® on and The Paper Plate Project®. #OMANDTHEPPP  




As If That Wasn’t Enough Right? As I alluded to before, You Are Creating, A New Circle of Life. One benefiting you first and everyone around you at the same time. 



And with this New Circle of Life™ comes A New World of Possibilities, Opportunities, and Rewards™ Created Out of Necessity to Serve You.



It’s a New World of Possibilities, Opportunities, and Rewards™ Because We the People of the World, (You, Me, and Us™) Have Never United to Support Each Other’s Ability to Support Our Own Success in Life, at Home or Around the World.


Once you’ve demonstrated your willingness to do that… The powers that be will be more apt to listen to what you have to say because ‘You Are The Marketplace‘ and You’ve Just Earned The Right To Be Heard!



This Incontestable Step-By-Step Actionable Solution and the Series of Groundbreaking Solutions that follows is My Gift To You… 



It’s an Olive Branch I call ONEMOVEMENT® on because it Represents Firm Neutral Ground We Can All Stand Upon and Move Forward From Together. And Now That You Know About, Your Participation Says A Lot About You.


Since 2009 I’ve been concentrating on the parts of the economy directly affecting you. You name it, I’ve considered it and invested (I’m guessing) over $1,000,000.00 out of my own pocket in behind-the-scenes research, education, lodging, and travel expenses to give you The Socio-Economic Solution of the Century™ I’m giving you here today. 



2008 was a time when hundreds of millions of people were crying for help because they’d become uncertain about their financial futures. By 2009 millions had lost their homes, their careers, and their way of life due to no fault of their own… And they were scrambling to find new ways to survive.


What I couldn’t understand at the time was… Why the powers that be weren’t offering ‘We the people of the world’ (A Plan “B.”) Any type of solution we the people could implement ourselves that was capable of either preventing this type of economic collapse from ever happening again or helping us weather the storm the next time it did.



More than a decade has passed since I began this quest to discover what the powers that be apparently don’t want you to know… 



Now, here we are again in another Economic State of Emergency™ only this time it’s under much different circumstances because of the tragic loss of countless lives created by the COVID-19 Pandemic and our leadership’s confusing, often misguided, and stifling responses under its guise.



However, instead of simply offering you a simple path to solving our economic woes, I’ve stumbled upon The Only Solution Ever Offered to the Public with the Potential to Solve Virtually Everything. That Solution is Ready for You Now!



Unite Together To Thrive Together by agreeing to SHOP AN UNFAMILIAR BUSINESS displaying and You Are Well On Your Way to… Creating A Better Tomorrow Today™ Together with ONEMOVEMENT® on



The Ultimate Game of Winning™ a.k.a. The Paper Plate Project®  is not a suggestion. 


It represents a concrete actionable solution I’ve dubbed, The Socio-Economic Solution of the Century™. 


The purpose of ONEMOVEMENT’s Paper Plate is…


Identifying Those of Us Wanting To Support And Promote Your Success With The Same Amount of Enthusiasm We Use To Support Our Own. That’s Huge!


Now, all you have to do is say…


 “Yes! I Will Occasionally SHOP AN UNFAMILIAR BUSINESS™ and Share” And it works!


Once ONEMOVEMENT® is shared around the world, The Action Plan Switches to…


Occasionally Shop an Unfamiliar Business™ displaying


Like Magic, You Have Laid The Groundwork for A Strong Self-Sustaining Economy™ You Have The Ability To Control.


And Nobody Can Take It Away From You But You.


Ask Yourself These Questions…



If all this did was unite you with the public in solving seemingly insurmountable local and global challenges directly affecting you, just like The Paper Plate Project® does. Would it be worth it?


If all this did was create an environment where we can make decisions based on what we actually see and experience versus purely what we’re being told in the media. Would it be worth it?


If all this did was keep more money in your pocket and in your community to make your town a nicer place to live. Would it be worth it?


If all this did was fuel the success of our small businesses and help compensate them for the cost of high-paying entry-level jobs required. Would it be worth it?


If all this did was unite and strengthen your community and communities around the world. Would it be worth it?


If all this did was add a little excitement and adventure into your life with New Possibilities, Opportunities, and Rewards that have never existed before. Would it be worth it?



If all this did was expand your freedoms instead of stripping them away. Would it be worth it? 



If all this did was help you understand how the world can work for you while helping you get discovered faster. Would it be worth it? 



If all this did was prevent your Government from coming up with more excuses to raise your taxes to support purely partisan agendas. Would it be worth it?



If all this did was 10x Your Power of Decision™. Would it be worth it to you?


What ONEMOVEMENT® on Isn’t…


ONEMOVEMENT® isn’t one of those, let’s hold hands around the campfire singing ‘Kum ba yah’ all night long kind of movements. As much fun as that actually sounds like right now… 



This use, of, is a Real World Solution when it comes to Your Success in Life both Personally and Professionally. And Since it Works Because You Say So, It Works Regardless of Where You Are in The World, (Within Reason.)




Make ONEMOVEMENT® Your Own and Share Your Successes Using the Hashtag #OMANDTHEPPP and Your Favorite Media Platform. 



Your Voice. Your Message. Your World.®



A Bold New Adventure Promising To Be A Fun, Entertaining, And Most Profitable Agreement Between You And Much Of The World… Use Your Creativity and Imagination to take The Ultimate Game of Winning™ to Entirely New Levels! 



Why have I decided to use a Paper Plate to begin this Bold New Adventure?

One reason is, it’s one of the most accessible resources on this planet, making it possible for virtually anyone and everyone to participate if they want to, (Within Reason.) 



That’s also why I call this ONEMOVEMENT®… Because ONEMOVEMENT® describes the promise of the premise. A single unified global movement that’s all about serving you regardless of where you are in the world, (Within Reason.)



Once you identify yourself as an ONEMOVEMENT® participant and SHOP AN UNFAMILIAR BUSINESS displaying, You’re not only talking the talk, you’re walking the walk… And You’ve Won!



Once you create your ‘Heroic Listing’ on, you’ll go down in the ‘History Books’ as a Leader in what may very well become known as The Most Influential Economic and Humanitarian Movement the World Has Ever Known™ Created Specifically to Serve You.


STEP 1: Making History
You are ONE SIMPLE DECISION™ away from having a ‘Real Say’ in how the future unfolds for us all…


Will You Occasionally Shop an Unfamiliar Business™ and Share to Improve Your Life Forever?


Yes or No?


If Your Answer Is “Yes” Click Here, Create Your Heroic Bio/Listing For FREE and Spread The Word, “There’s a New Game In Town… And It’s Happening Outside Your Front Door!” Says You!

Warm Regards,

Founder & Director ONEMOVEMENT® on and The Paper Plate Project®

P.S. Team with small business and you’ve won. I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Anytime you intend to make a sizeable purchase, do your own due diligence. There’s Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, BBB, SBA, and a ton of other resources available to help minimize your risk. ONEMOVEMENT® is Not Connected or Associated with them in any way.