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The Paper Plate Project®


Unite Together To Thrive Together™ Community Unity Has Never Paid Off This Well...

Prosperity Worth Spreading®

Small and Non-Profit Businesses have been struggling for decades to Get Your Attention due to the High-Cost of Advertising and the Competitive Nature of Marketing. Now with the COVID-19 upon us, they’re Dropping Like Flies and YOU Can Save Them! 

It Pays To Play In Your Own Back Yard

The ONEMOVEMENT.com (OM) Paper Plate™ is the Global Symbol telling you which businesses support you, ONEMOVEMENT®, and your community.

Show the businesses your association with ONEMOVEMENT® and get unadvertised deals, prizes and or heartfelt Thank Yous and acknowledgment as the business’ way of saying Thank You for Choosing Them.

Since The Paper Plate Project® is 100% FREE and Your Rewards are left up to the Business Owners You Win, The Small Business Wins, And Your Community Wins Where It Does The Best Good!


Redirect a portion of Online spending and Awareness back to the local businesses and professionals in and around your community and communities all around the world.

How? Give them a ONEMOVEMENT.com Paper Plate and purchase something you’d normally purchase at a Big Box store or International brand you already know about.  

Click The Button Below Now To Create Your Personal or Professional ONEMOVEMENT.com Listing And 10X Your Power of Decision™ Today!