Today: From the desk of Lewis Scott Lewis   


Today, I Vote For You! Now Who Wants To Get Paid?

(Everything I’m Sharing With You Today, You Inherently Know To Be True, But Didn’t Realize It Was A Possibility Until Now!)



Before I get started on WHY i BELIEVE you having the ability to turn around the economy, strengthen your community, and expand your bank account for FREE… Is a Good Idea. 


I first want to extend my sincere condolences for any losses you, your families, and friends may have suffered during this dreadful COVID-19 pandemic. May we please take a moment in silence in honor of those we’ve lost. 


Thank you!


Now, I’d like to talk to you about the elephant in the room. Our economy.


Today there are hundreds of millions of people, perhaps like you, in your country, my country, and countries all around the world uncertain of their financial futures.


Millions have lost their homes, their careers, and their way of life, and they’re scrambling for new ways to survive. 


>So, where does that leave you, me, and us? And what if there was a better way?


The way I see it… Whether you’re in business for yourself or you’re working hard at a job you love, we’re all in this together.


Now, if you can agree with that, we’re left with one simple decision to make that will impact the rest of our lives.


Do we organize by uniting smart people, like you, with small businesses in fun, engaging, and profitable new ways along with a global community of winners?




Do we continue to leave ourselves, the public, vulnerable to worldly circumstances arising from other people’s decisions, without having the Influence and Funding to solve the situation for good? and The Paper Plate Project® Was Created Out Of Necessity. 


If you were to ask somebody how they felt about the economy, chances are you will be bombarded with nothing but negative responses and feelings of hopelessness from those around you. And quite frankly, at this moment in time, it’s hard to disagree with them.


People have always complained about the economy as though it’s a condition that lies beyond reach. But ONEMOVEMENT® doesn’t buy into that grim circumstance. 


In truth, the economy is you and me and the grocery store manager on the corner who’s willing to slice your favorite roast in the perfect form or sets aside two bunches of green bananas for you every week. 


Or the dress shop owner who calls you when she discovered the perfect dress for your son’s upcoming wedding. 


A strong local economy is built on relationships, loyalty, and integrity. And despite what you may believe… When you Unite Together to Thrive Together™ YOU have total control over it.


Your Voice. Your Message. Your World.®


Put simply, and The Paper Plate Project® is the Concrete, Actionable Solution Capable of Turning Around Our Economy, Strengthening Your Community, And Expanding Your Pocketbook Without To Sacrifice A Thing!


And it’s so simple you can adopt it into your everyday life as it complements everything you’re already doing!


The benefit for both local businesses and their customers is the opportunity it creates for customers to discover and support local business while the merchant can build meaningful relationships with their customers and extend customized and personalized gratitude for customer loyalty. 


The Paper Plate Project® makes it easy for consumers (and we’re all consumers) to discover participating businesses in your community and while you’re traveling, offering you products and services that fit your lifestyle.


Simply show your association with, however you want to show it, and the relationship begins.

– It’s authentic

– It’s personal

– And it’s changing the way we do business


Click here to say “Yes I Want In!” Then share your why with the world!


Let’s recap what we already know.


If the Government can’t fix the economy, (and they never could) there’s only one person in the world we can turn to right now, and that person happens to be you. and The Paper Plate Project®
Is The Global Symbol/Global Reality-Game™ Telling You Which Businesses Are “IN IT TO WIN IT WITH YOU, ONEMOVEMENT®, AND YOUR COMMUNITY!”


The Paper Plate Project®



Surprise Your Local Businesses With The Gift New Customers For Life and You Win!
Click Here To See How Simple It Is To Get Started!


1- Save Small Business

Most small and non-profit businesses struggle to get your attention due to the high cost of advertising. Now, with the COVID-19 upon us, they’re dropping like flies and you have the power to save them and perhaps yourself. If you want to.

2- Get Rewarded Whenever You Choose To Shop

Because of Your Participation and The Paper Plate Project® being 100% FREE! Businesses can now offer you unadvertised in store discounts, surprises, and rewards reserved exclusively for our members 24/7, 365 days a year as their way and our way of saying thank you for choosing them. 

3- Strengthen Your Economy Immediately!  

When you choose to shop small businesses displaying… You’re Investing in Small Business, Yourself, Your Community, and Setting an Unprecedented Example for the Rest of The World To Follow. 


You Win, Your Local Businesses Win, And More Money Stays In Your Community Where It Does The Best Good!


When less than 10 out of every 100 American adults participate (it doesn’t even have to be the same people) by making a purchase of around $21 or more at ONEMOVEMENT® businesses they’re unfamiliar with…


You’re already on track to Generate Well Over $1,000,000,000.00 in Annually Recurring Sales that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise!


That’s in New Sales and Cash Savings alone. Count it! That’s Real Money going directly back to you, small businesses and the communities they serve, where it does the best good. (And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…)


Now, consider the amount of money our friends around the world will be bringing into their communities under the umbrella of ONEMOVEMENT® on and The Results are Exponential. 


That’s what I call 100% Goodwill™. Now, are you beginning to warm up to the idea of this Bold New Adventure in Winning, yet?


CODE NAMED: The Paper Plate Project® for good reason, the purpose of this Social Economic Challenge™ is Fueling Your Success, and The Success of Small Business and Community for Generations to come.


Odds are your subconscious mind may be asking you what’s the catch? And I assure you there is no catch!


“The Paper Plate Project® Solution is an Olive Branch, a Gift from Me to You. Represents
Firm Neutral Ground We Can All Stand Upon and Move Forward From Together.” -Lewis S. Lewis




1.) Your participation in The Paper Plate Project® means You Are Giving the Entire Small Business Industry the GIFT of New Customers, Clients, Raving Fans, and Financial Security. And You’re Doing It Easier, Faster, And More Efficiently Than They Could Ever Do For Themselves!


2.) Feel great about yourself because you’re not only Bringing Prosperity Home (to your home.) You’re also being rewarded with a lifetime of fun, engaging, and profitable new ways to live out your life anyway you see fit, both on and off the web.


All of a sudden, Instantly Laying the Groundwork for a Strong Self-Sustaining Economy™ You Have The Ability To Control… Is starting to sound a lot more like something you can have fun with. Am I right?


Listen, I understand how CRAZY this all may sound right now, especially in a world that’s often filled with hype and disappointment, so let me assure you it’s actually a series of Crazy Simple Solutions™ that most people already know to be true but only thought were impossible until now.


There are 1 or 2 primary reasons why you’ve never noticed 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10™ before now.

1.) Nobody ever told you you could do that.

2.) You never asked yourself the question, Is there an easy way to add to 10 that nobody else may know about?



That’s a great question. I’m also constantly being asked, How I came up with this idea…


Since the collapse of the world economy in 2008 I’ve invested over a decade of my life behind the scenes of the Industries that shape our world so I could understand how they work, what their secret agendas were, and how they impact the world around us.


All the while I was asking myself this one simple question, “Is there an easy way to fix the economy, in a way that directly benefits you, that nobody else may know about?” 


I’m happy to say this Series of Solutions I stumbled upon… Does so much more than just assemble us to address our economy. They Empower You With The Ability To Open The Gates To A New World Of  Winning Opportunities And Possibilities For Us All! 


Believe me when I say I completely understand how easy it is to fall under the belief that there are so many others with more money… more control… more influence… making it too difficult for you to create the changes you want to see in the world.


The good news is, and The Paper Plate Project® are about to CRUSH THAT BELIEF because Your Voice is about to be Felt and Heard around the Globe.  


I want you to imagine walking down the street, looking up from your cell phone, and spotting an paper plate out of the corner of your eye.


Now, discovering a Paper Plate will always be on the back of your mind and the hairs on the back of your neck are going to tingle every time you spot one… Because You Know Something Special May Be Waiting For You Behind Every New Paper Plate You See!


But would you like to know what the Best Part of becoming part of Today Really is?


Every Time You Spot A Paper Plate, You’ll Know It’s There Because of You and The Decision You’ve Made Today!


Prosperity Worth Spreading® 


Once you’ve signed up there’s only a few things left for you to do to make this a reality for yourself and those you care about…


Find a paper plate (one of the most common resources on this planet), a pair of sanitary disposable gloves, your favorite crayons, markers, or finger paints. Then write (In Big Bold Letters) and hand it to someone.


Share and The Paper Plate Project® with those you care about and talk about what it does for you. Because that’s what’s going to resonate with those that already love you. 


Then sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh and cry at everything our ONEMOVEMENT members come up with… From paper plate designs, gifts, bonuses, and prizes, to your travels around the world and the heartfelt thank you’s and acknowledgements you’ll receive just for playing the game.


Don’t forget, when the mood strikes you, hop into a business you’re unfamiliar with displaying or a Paper Plate and make a purchase you’d normally make at a Big Box Store or Nationwide Brand you already know about.


Like you, everyone’s unique. So, be you and enjoy the experience. You’ve earned it.


You can click this link to get started now and tell the world, “You’ve Been In It To Win It” from the very beginning!


When you’re playing Online, use the hashtag #OMANDTHEPPP on your favorite Social Media platforms to help you Get Discovered Faster™ and let other ONEMOVEMENT members know what you’re up to.’s Social Economic Challenge™ Code Named:
The Paper Plate Project® is about Bringing Prosperity Home™


– It Saves Small Businesses The Cost Of Advertising To Get Your Attention!

– It Virtually Pays You To Keep Playing!

– It’s Prosperity Worth Spreading® So, You Feel Great About Sharing It!

– It’s Duplicatable All Around the World!

– It Gives You An Influential Voice In The Marketplace!

– Unlike a Publicity Stunt, It Will Never Come To An End!


If you’re not the type of person that appreciates a lot of attention. If you’d rather play it under the table… All it takes is a flash of your badge and You’re In Like Flynn. All without saying a word.




It’s a fact. One simple “Yes” decision made by you today to participate in this Social Economic Adventure™ Will Dramatically Increase Your Influence in the Marketplace Forever.


It’s true. Your association with instantly tells the world a lot about who you are, what you represent, and that you want a Real Say in How The Future Unfolds For Us All.


We Are On The Brink Of Creating Something Truly Unique, Powerful, Exciting, Hopeful, Impactful, And Revolutionary (in a fun kind of way) This 2020 Holiday Season And For Generations To Come.


If you can imagine a tide that raises all boats. This, my friend, is it.


Join me today and become part of what may very well become known as, The Most Influential Economic And Humanitarian Movements In The History Of The World Created To Support Your Success And The Success of Those You Care About For Generations To Come. 


Just think, 3 years from now, when you’re looking back at this particular moment in time, you’ll be able to point out to anyone and everyone… It worked because YOU said so!


Thank you for your time and consideration. It’s time to move mountains together. I look forward to seeing you on the inside.


Warm Regards,

Founder and Director of ONEMOVEMENT® on
The Global Authority On Economic GrowthBecause You Said So!

P.S. The Paper Plate Project® is the first step bringing us all together under the umbrella of ONEMOVEMENT® on

P.S.S. Technology will always improve, you’ll make sure of that… We’re focusing on making business personal again with win-win scenarios and giving you an influential voice in the marketplace the world will want to listen to. 

P.S.S.S. Over the last 4 + decades everyone’s been focused on connecting you with the world. So, when is now the best time to begin, Connecting The World With You®?

P.S.S.S.S. Keep your eyes peeled for updates because as soon as it’s safe… We’re hosting the world’s first SOCIAL ECONOMIC SUMMIT™ where you’ll Get Expert Answers™ on virtually everything they know, and You Have to Offer. So, be sure to stay tuned because you won’t want to miss it!