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The ONEMOVEMENT Paper Plate Represents New Cash Savings, Opportunity and Rewards! It Also Represents Community Unity, Support and Recognition for One Another. When You See this Paper Plate Being Displayed, You’re Not Only Able to Buy Something and Get Something Awesome… You’re Reclaiming Control of How the Economy Works for You!

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New Cash Savings, Opportunity and Rewards...

Now, When You See a (OM) Paper Plate Displayed, You'll Know There's no Telling What You're Going to get... But You Know It's Going to Be Good!

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All You Have to do is Walk in The Business, Show Your Association With, However You Want to Show it, and Make a Purchase!

No More Paying in Advance for Great Deals, No More Coupons, Hidden Charges or Pre-Planning Rituals... That's What We Call, "Instant Gratification" and You're Saving that Business the Cost of Advertising and Marketing, So They Can Pass the Savings to You.

That's s a Win for You, A Win For the Small Business and a Win For Your Community. You're Also Setting a Great Example for the World to follow.

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The Paper Plate Project™

The Best Deals Online, In Town and Everywhere You Go... Just Got Better!

Wanting the Best Deals is Only Natural, Because Our Subconscious Minds Have Been Trained to Look for Great Deals Since We Were Children. It’s Part of the Game!

Unfortunately, Most Small Businesses Don’t Have the Money, Time and Resources it takes to Successfully Compete for Your Attention on TV, Radio, or Even Social Media… That’s why, You Don’t Know Most of Them Exist!

The Paper Plate Project is 100% FREE for Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and the Public Making it Easy for You to Spot Awesome Businesses, You Never Knew Existed in Your Own Neighborhood and It Empowers the Small Business to Pass Along the Savings You Want, Without Hurting Their Bottom Line and That is Huge!

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Connecting the World With You™

Imagine a Solution or Life Hack, Rewarding You for Getting Great Deals!

Shopping at OM Paper Plate Businesses… It’s a Win For You, a Win for the Small Business and a Win for Your Community, Because When You Shop at OM Paper Plate Businesses, You’re Benefiting First and Benefiting Virtually Everyone Around You, at the Exact Same Time!

More of the Money Spent at OM Paper Plate Businesses Goes to the Small Business Itself, Helping to Cover their Daily Cost of Operations, and Creating a Demand for them to create New Jobs.

More of Your Money Also Stays in Your Community Which Goes Towards Helping to Make Your Town a Nicer Place to Live, Versus the Alternative…

If You Mainly Shop at Big Box Stores and Nationwide Brands, more of Your Money is Funneled Back to Their Corporate Headquarters, or Out of Your Community and that Isn’t Good for Anybody Except… The Nationwide Brand.

Team up with ONEMOVEMENT and The Paper Plate Project to Rally in Support of Small Business Success and You’ll Not Only Be…  Creating A Better Tomorrow, Today™, You’ll Be Creating a New Community of Businesses and Consumers Looking to Support Your Success Today, Tomorrow and for Generations to Come.

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