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“When You Want to, Live Your Life on Your Own Terms, Surround Yourself With People Willing to Support Your Success With As Much Enthusiasm As They Use to Support Their Own!

-Lewis S. Lewis
#1 Best Selling Author -The Art & Science of Success Series
Founder and President ONEMOVEMENT® and The Paper Plate Project™


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ONEMOVEMENT’s Paper Plate Represents Community Unity and Recognition for One Another in this Costly, Confusing and Highly Competitive World We Live In. It’s Also Easy to Spot from Across the Street! 🙂

Go Local, Think Global Revolution®
Connecting The World With You™

Imagine Being Surrounded by Others, Like You, Wanting to Support Your Success With as Much Enthusiasm as They Use to Support Their Own!


Be Part of the Globally Local Network™ of Leaders, Like You, Who Have Already Pledged to Support Each Other’s Success at Home and Around the World.


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More of The Money You Spend Goes Directly Back into Your Community.


You’ll Create a Wave of Rapidly Building Economic Stability for Your Entire Community!


You’ll Know What It’s Like Having Your Community Supporting and Promoting Your Success.


By Increasing Your Economic Power, You’ll Have More Say in What Goes on In Your Community.


It’s So Simple! Just by Choosing to Shop with Honorary ONEMOVEMENT® Businesses, You’ll Be Helping Yourself, Doing Your Part to Strengthen Your Community, And Begin to Create a More Balanced and Sustainable Global Economy That Serves EVERYONE.

NOT Just a Select, Wealthy Few.

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“ONEMOVEMENT® and The Paper Plate Project may very well be the simplest way to begin turning around the economy, strengthening your community and strengthening your pocketbook without having to sacrifice, really anything.”

 Lewis S. Lewis
Founder and President, ONEMOVEMENT® and The Paper Plate Project