Life Hack Number One™ Use, The Paper Plate Project™ to Begin Saving Small Business in America and Abroad. ONEMOVEMENT® is Uniting Smart People, Like You, with Small Businesses at Home and Around the World to Shift Control of the Economy Back Into Your Hands!

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🙂 Receive Fun Surprises When You Shop New Places!
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🙂 Create New Long Lasting Relationships!
🙂 Get that Warm Fuzzy Feeling from Helping Yourself and Others!
🙂 Go to Bed Smiling About What You Accomplished During Your Day and Wake Up Excited to Begin Again!


* Did you know, The #1 Problem Most Small Businesses Face is... Getting You to Know They Exist?!?

You've probably heard how much businesses spend to get their commercial in front of you during the Super Bowl, Right?!?

Most Small Businesses and Professionals Simply Don't Have The Time or Resources to Successfully Compete for Your Attention on TV, Radio, Podcasts or even Online... And that includes Social Media!

When you Join ONEMOVEMENT® and The Paper Plate Project™ You're Not Only Improving Your Local Economy, (Because You Now Know How to Do It, it's Fun, and it's 100% FREE!) You're Joining in the Creation of ONEMOVEMENT's Global Community of Likeminded Individuals Capable of Solving Other Global Challenges, In a Fun and Rewarding Way, Long into the Future!

ONEMOVEMENT.com & The Paper Plate Project™ (PPP)
Prosperity Worth Spreading™

ONEMOVEMENT’s (OM) Ground-Breaking Strategy Puts Economic Power Directly Back Into Your Hands!

First Mission Together: Have fun, look to make purchases at more local businesses displaying their OM Paper Plate and share your OM Paper Plate Experience on Social Media! It’s that Easy!

  • It’s Fun
  • It’s Simple
  • It’s Powerful
  • It’s Easy to Implement
  • It Unites Us and Makes Us Stronger Together
  • It Strengthens Local Economies
  • It Puts Extra Dollars in Your Pocket and Pockets of Those Around You*
  • It Creates Immediate Rewards for You to Enjoy and Share!

By shopping locally and saving small businesses the high cost of advertising with ONEMOVEMENT, you’re strengthening your community and receiving a heartfelt Thank You Gift in return. A Gift of Appreciation that doesn’t hurt the business’s bottom line and Rewards Your Efforts as a ONEMOVEMENT Winnerpreneur!


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*After showing your ONEMOVEMENT® Paper Plate, however you show it, ask your merchant or professional what your Exclusive Thank You Gift will be prior to purchase.

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ONEMOVEMENT’s Paper Plate is a Sign of Unity and Recognition for One Another in this Costly, Confusing and Highly Competitive World We Live In. It’s Also Easy to Spot from Across the Street. 🙂

Go Local, Think Global Revolution®
Connecting The World With You™

Now You Can Create Change in Your Life and Your Community More Easily Than You Think!


Be Part of the Globally Local Network™ of Leaders, Like You, Who Have  Already Pledged to Support Each Other’s Success at Home and Around the World.


Instant Gratification! Show Your Paper Plate Image on Your Smartphone When You Shop Participating Businesses and Receive Exclusive Unadvertised Welcome Gift or Bonus in Store!


More of The Money You Spend Goes Directly Back into Your Community.


You’ll Create a Wave of Rapidly Building Economic Stability for Your Entire Community!


You’ll Know What It’s Like Having Your Community Supporting and Promoting Your Success.


By Increasing Your Economic Power, You’ll Have More Say in What Goes on In Your Community.


It’s So Simple! Just by Choosing to Shop with Honorary ONEMOVEMENT® Businesses, You’ll Be Helping Yourself, Doing Your Part to Strengthen Your Community, And Begin to Create a More Balanced and Sustainable Global Economy That Serves EVERYONE.

NOT Just a Select, Wealthy Few.

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Blue Moon Hookah Lounge

Bonita’s Farmers Market

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Mark’s Guitar Exchange

Flapjack Family Restaurant


Greg, Lewis Lewis & Marc

The Paper Plate Project™

Prosperity Worth Spreading™

The Paper Plate Project™ (PPP)

“ONEMOVEMENT® and The Paper Plate Project may very well be the simplest way to begin turning around the economy, strengthening your community and strengthening your pocketbook without having to sacrifice anything at all.”

 Lewis S. Lewis