We’re Depression Proofing America and the Free World... And You’re Invited!

The Question Isn't Whether You Can or Not.
The Question is... Do You Want To?

The Paper Plate Project™ (PPP)

ONEMOVEMENT and The Paper Plate Project may very well be the simplest way to begin strengthening your community and your pocketbook without having to sacrifice, really anything.

Lewis S. Lewis  Founder & CEO, ONEMOVEMENT® 

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The Paper Plate Project

#GoLocalChallenge + #HelpSmallBusinessGrow = #EconomicChange

Connecting The World With You™

The Paper Plate Project’s Mission is to have 1,000,000+ Registered Participants by July 5th, 2017


First Identify the Problem.

If you’re not in business for yourself, you may not be aware of the #1 problem small businesses are facing today.

Most small businesses simply don’t have the time or the resources it takes to successfully compete for YOUR ATTENTION on TV, Radio, Podcasts or even Online.

They do have Balloons! They’ve got balloons to get your attention and some even spring for talented sign spinners on street corners which points out, You Don’t Know They Exist!

So, let’s rally together as Winnerpreneurs™ and help them solve their problem for FREE… It’s a big responsibility that only you can take on and you get to have fun doing it.

Support and promote the success of small business in your city and they will support you with the best they have to offer.

You’re going to be impressed and we want to hear about it.

Imagine having the potential to put millions upon millions of dollars directly back into your communities where it does the best good.

That’s what you have with the Paper Plate Project. This is our invitation to you…

When you Join the party, and share with your friends and local businesses, you get:

  • Exclusive Unspoken Rewards™ from local small businesses, just for being part of ONEMOVEMENT® and doing the right thing
  • Powerful, FREE word-of-mouth publicity for your own small business
  • A chance to make a huge difference in your community, your country and the world
  • The opportunity to discover wonderful small businesses right around the corner that you might have missed!
  • Special locked-in VIP status & privileges as one of our early adopters

Join ONEMOVEMENT® benefiting you, me and us because together we’re powerful beyond measure

With your support this will grow to be easier than you think and when you go to sleep you’ll have a smile on your face because you feel good about what you did that day.

Do it for yourself, your neighbors, your community and country. It costs nothing and can mean everything.

It’s Your World. Be Active!

(Exclusive Unspoken Rewards are entirely up to the individual businesses and will undoubtedly be based on the size of your purchase, and the creativity of each individual professional or establishment you visit. If you have any questions about a business you always have Yelp, BBB, Angie’s list whichever you prefer.)

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Rebecca, one of our newest Honorary ONEMOVEMENT Members raised our attention to the importance of people being able to identify #WomenOwned Businesses. – If you are a woman business owner and you would like to alert the public to that you are, simply use a Pink Dot, Pink Postit, or Pink Marker to reflect this… It’s that easy! – Thank you Rebecca, the Pink Mark is the simplest most intuitive remedy we could come up with. If you have a great idea, submit it to us. If we use it, we’ll give you credit for your suggestion somewhere on this page!

The Mystery Awaits

For both Consumers and Businesses alike, the mystery of what awaits with The Paper Plate Project™ encounter is a driving force.

We all know everyone loves fun surprises and being a contributing factor in something worthwhile that’s bigger than us all is icing on the cake.

With your showing The Paper Plate Projectto the local businesses and Non-Profit organizations, you’re already frequenting and all the other ONEMOVEMENT members doing the same in their community, before you know it there will be Exclusive Unknown Surprises popping up virtually around every corner and small business will begin to thrive again.

Picture yourself at one of your favorite local spots and showing them your Paper Plate. Ask them if they know what it is. If they don’t, you tell them you’re part of the ONEMOVEMENT interested in supporting the success of their business and wait to see the expression on their face.


Have them snap a pic of you jumping up and down and smiling at the camera with your Paper Plate. Oh yes! They’ll remember you and when you send them to ONEMOVEMENT.com You’ll be Their Hero.

Be sure to Sign up and Share then watch how quickly you blow that 1,000,000 mark out of the water. Can you say Depression Proofing America and the Free World Now?

#GoLocalChallenge + #HelpSmallBusinessGrow = #EconomicChange

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